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Pediatric Dental Patient Reviews

My 7-year-old son, Christopher, has been receiving speech therapy since the age of 2, and his therapists advised me that a frenectomy would need to be performed in order for his speech to improve. I, however, resisted having the procedure performed for a long time, mainly because Christopher gets anxious about dental visits, crying hysterically and vomiting at the mere mention of a dental check-up. When my brother-in-law told me about a new and painless way that frenectomies are being performed by Dr. Bijoor, with the waterlase laser, I reluctantly agreed. I took Christopher in for the procedure on July 16, 2010, and to this day, I remain astounded as to how well it went. From the moment we walked into her office, Dr. Bijoor and her staff put us all immediately at ease. Dr. Bijoor allowed me to accompany Christopher into the operating room until the start of the procedure. She then proceeded to explain to me in detail what would be happening during the procedure, answered all of my questions, and even gave me some exercises to do at home with Christopher in order to improve his speech. To my amazement, only a topical anesthetic was used on his frenum in preparation for the frenectomy, and Christopher sat in the chair totally alert yet completely comfortable through the whole process. There was no bleeding involved at all, and thus no stitches were required. To top it all off, there was no recovery time needed. Christopher walked out of Dr. Bijoor's office as if nothing had been done, with absolutely no pain or discomfort. Since the procedure was done on a Friday, Dr. Bijoor was kind enough to provide us with her personal cell phone number in case we needed to speak with her over the weekend, and first thing in the morning on Saturday, Dr. Bijoor called us herself to find out how Christopher was doing. I have never before encountered a doctor, in any medical field, who takes such personal care of, and interest in, her patients. Because of her and her equally caring and patient staff, my son is no longer terrified of dental visits (ironically enough, it took a frenectomy with the waterlase laser to alleviate his fears of dental check-ups!!). Furthermore, his speech has markedly improved in the last month, something that has been noticed not only by me and my husband, but also by Christopher's speech therapist. We can't express with mere words our gratitude to Dr. Bijoor and her staff for the positive and permanent difference they have made in my son's life, in terms of his structural issues, his speech problems, and his dental fears and anxiety. Many, many thanks to you, Dr. Bijoor and staff!!

Joanne B. and Family

My daughter, Hailey, needed an upper lip frenectomy at 2 ½ months. Dr. Bijoor was able to use the laser for the procedure, which took less than ten minutes total. The area healed very quickly, within days, and Hailey seemed to experience little, if any, pain. The procedure seems to have helped her breastfeeding as well! Dr. Bijoor and her staff were very helpful in calming my fears and of the procedure and were very gentle and caring towards my baby. I definitely recommend them to others who need to have this type of procedure done on their infant!

Erica K.

I have been having a difficult time nursing my daughter ever since she was born and after a month of dealing with her poor latch, I got in touch with the lactation consultants from the hospital. We came in for an observation and found out that my daughter had a short frenulum and suggested we tell our pediatrician how it is affecting her nursing and weight gain. Our doctor gave us a number to a pediatric oral surgeon. They said that they would put my then six week old daughter under general anesthesia to give her the frenectomy. I was against "putting her to sleep" especially at such a young age. My niece in California also had a frenectomy, but it was done by her pediatrician in her office. It was quick and it really helped with her latch, but my sister in law warned me that there was more blood than expected. I wanted to have the procedure done to ease the pain of nursing so with the recommendation of another nursing mom; I got in touch with Dr. Bijoor. During our consultation I was told that she would be doing the frenectomy with a laser, which is pain free with no bleeding. I was able to schedule the procedure the following week. My daughter was taken to the back room, while seated in her car seat while my husband and I stayed in the waiting room. I literally heard her cry for less than three seconds and then, after then minutes, I was able to go to the back room and see her. She was asleep! I guess there really was no pain! I was told that she initially cried when they had to stabilize her tongue, but she did great and because she cooperated, they were able to do a full release. We carried her to the car where I was able to nurse her with no difficulty. After a week, nursing was completely pain free! I am really happy with the decision of getting the frenectomy and am so happy we went with using the laser with Dr. Bijoor! My daughter didn’t bleed and because she fell asleep during the procedure, it must have been pain free and she didn’t have to be "put under." I would recommend Dr. Bijoor's laser frenectomy to any babies with a short frenulum who are having a difficult time nursing. Because of the procedure, I am able to nurse my daughter and give her all the benefits of breast milk that I wouldn’t have been able to do without Dr. Bijoor!

Mrs. L

My daughter, Tess, had a tongue tie which no one noticed until she came to Dr. Bijoor. Dr. Bijoor recommended a very simple laser procedure to release the tie and she gave me some recommendations for a speech therapist. While Tess, luckily, was on par for speech, we decided to do the procedure. It was fairly quick and not painful (just a little soreness for a few days afterwards) Dr. Bijoor was very kind, patient and gentle. I consider it a great success since Tess still likes coming to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned! Thank you, Dr. Bijoor and your awesome staff!

Tess M.

We can't say enough about Dr. Bijoor and her staff. Our daughter was referred to Dr. Bijoor due to an abnormal fear towards any dental procedure and was treated by everyone with the utmost understanding, patience, and compassion. We were consulted about all the procedures beforehand and Dr. Bijoor and her staff made several calls afterwards to check on her progress. We are ever grateful for all she has done for our daughter and very fortunate to have found their practice. All our other children are in the process of being transferred to their care. Thank you again!

Sunell Z.
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