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LightScalpel® Infant Laser Frenectomy


Our Office utilizes the latest CO2 laser technology from LightScalpel.

What are the advantages of LightScalpel laser frenectomies?

  • Minimized Bleeding: As it vaporizes the tissue, the LightScalpel laser seals small blood vessels. The resulting reduction in bleeding makes frenectomy a quick and easy procedure. In most cases, no sutures are required.
  • Less Swelling and Discomfort: The LightScalpel CO2 laser beam seals lymphatics, resulting in less post-operative swelling and discomfort associated with traditional scalpel procedures.
  • Reduced Risk of Infection: The sanitizing effect of the laser minimizes the risk of infection and means faster healing.
  • Shortened Procedure Time: Less bleeding ensures the improved visibility of the treatment area. This helps to minimize the duration of the procedure.
  • Faster recovery: Reduced trauma, minimal to no bleeding, and less swelling and discomfort mean the infant can breastfeed immediately after the procedure.
  • Advanced laser tools mean better results: The lightweight ergonomic handpieces and flexible fiber waveguide of the LightScalpel CO2 laser allow for enhanced precision with pin-point accuracy and excellent reach.

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Existing Patients: (914) 432-4004
New Patients: (914) 290-6620